Slow, smooth, continuous….moving like Water

What is Tai Chi ?


Tai Chi is a beautiful, gentle discipline originating in ancient China. Originally developed as a martial art,  it is now practised widely as a wonderful health promoting exercise for mind and body. Tai Chi for Health programmes are safe  and  suitable for everyone.


As you slowly and mindfully move your weight from one foot to the other (or even visualise that you are doing this)  within the small, rhythmic movements of your *form practice, you are gently activating the joints and muscles of your feet, ankles, knees, hips, spine, shoulders   …. ALL of your joints and muscles in fact!


*’Form’ is the term for a sequence of movements in Tai Chi.


Based on the natural movements seen in Nature (e.g. animals, wind moving through trees, the movement of water, etc) these easy to follow fluid, low-impact movements in Tai Chi for Health programmes will not create any stress in your bones or joints, while allowing your muscles (and mind) to remain relaxed.

With increased range of movement, pain and stiffness are reduced.   Enjoy this beautiful health-improving discipline by joining a class and allowing yourself to learn at your own pace. You will learn something new in every class, and hopefully be inspired to learn more !


Morag Mairi McDade

Silken Thread Tai Chi